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PERPOST. Postal payment slips printing, enveloping and mailing services, payment notices and forms.

Web services for producing PDF Postal payment slips, payment notices, bills and forms.

Italian postal payment slips are a widespread system of payment, normally used by every Italian household in order to pay bills, subscriptions, as well as some administrative fees.

We accept CSV or Excel documents and convert them into PDF according to the printing templates provided.

We send files synchronously or asynchronously using automatic notice system, or print, envelope and mail them with an high-volume dispatch.

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PERORA SRL produce software (applicazioni web, siti business e corporate, ecommerce e servizi per la gestione incassi e fundaraising), strategie SEO e webmarketing, mailserver, SMTP, VOIP, reti e protezione dei dati aziendali.


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